Lighthouses can also be distinguished by the characteristic of the light, both color and type and length of flash are distinctive. Characteristics may include:  Long Flash (L)   Quick Flash (Q)   Red (R) Green (G)  Group (Gp).  

  • Flashing - Fl:   The period of light is shorter than the period of darkness. 
  • Occulting- Occ:  The period of darkness is shorter than the period of light.
  • Alternating - Alt:  Two different lights alternate.  
  • Isophase - Iso:  Lights that are on and off for equal intervals
  • Fixed Light - F:   The light is steady and not flashing.
  • Morse Code - Mo(A):  The characteristics of the light is the Morse Code for the letter "A" (quick flash and a long flash)
These great animated pictures show the characteristics of several lights around the uk, the images have been created by John Davies one of the guides at Lizard lighthouse, Cornwall.

LZ and Lizards Wireless Station together in the winter time. LZ was a 24hour light till this January, now only flashes in the day when visibility is reduced. LZ has a characteristic of one white flash every 3 seconds.